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On what basis do you recommend the right interlining to your customer?


We do this by following two basic principles which are:


  1. Understanding the kind of fall and handle the customer wants to give in the garment. Having understood this we do trials using different interlining qualities which give different handles – for example soft/fine, stiff and crisp, voluminous with good fall etc.
  2. Bond strength tests – are then done on the chosen interlining to make sure that bonding between the out-shell fabric and interlining is perfect and meets international standards. Special attention is given at this time to make sure that the bonding does not weaken over time after wash/dry-clean as is the recommended for the garment.



De-lamination, Bubbling problems are only due to a defective interlining?


A good bond between outer shell fabric and interlining is dependent on:


  • Choosing an interlining which matches with the properties of the outer shell fabric. For example a polyester fabric which has been coated with a water proof pu coating will not fuse easily to a normal interlining. Here only an interlining with special coating substances which are able to penetrate the pu layer and bond with the polyester fabric will work.
  • Ensuring the correct fusing temperature: All bonding happens when the thermoplastic coating in the interlining melts and flows and penetrates the outer fabric. All this requires a specific fusing temperature. So if the fusing press is defective or the temperature is not right, bond will not be achieved.
  • Correct Pressure and Time: The two other important conditions for a perfect bond are temperature and pressure. The molten thermoplastic coating powders will not flow and penetrate the outer shell fabric till there is right pressure between both fabrics and also till enough time is given for the process to take place.


Thus it is not always the interlining to blame for de-lamination or bubbling. And that is where you can rely on our knowledge and expertise. We share not only our product but also the knowledge and correct technicalities that go into the making of a perfect garment!

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