Vertical integration : The complete production process from yarn stage to the finished interlining is in-house. This enables us to monitor quality at all production steps and also to fine tune the process to enable consistency and thus produce hi performance interlinings.


Flexible production close to market : Being located so close to the Indian garment industry we are able to respond very quickly to changing customer needs and specifications.


Consultancy services for customers : Services that we offer to enable our customers make the perfect garment is:

A. Recommend the right interlining after

  1. Understanding the kind of fall and handle the customer wants to give in the garment. Having understood this we do trials using different interlining qualities which give different handles – for example soft/fine, stiff and crisp, voluminous with good fall etc.
  2. Bond strength tests – are then done on the chosen interlining to make sure that bonding between the out-shell fabric and interlining is perfect and meets international standards. Special attention is given at this time to make sure that the bonding does not weaken over time after wash/dry-clean.

B. Trouble shoot problems at client site :
If there are problems of non fusing or delamination happening, then we help our customers analyze and identify the reason for this problem and suggest ways to solve it.


Sustainable & eco friendly practices : Eco friendly, zero discharge of wastes, reduction of wastes of both materials and energy, usage of recycled or natural fibres are some core principles we follow in our entire production process.


Continuous innovation : Fashion is changing – from stiff formal wear to soft delicate silhouettes which follow the natural shape of the body. Interlinings must follow and support this trend. We are at the forefront in innovating for such trends. For example ultra light weight 15-20 gsm woven interlinings for light and sheer ladies blouses. Enzyme wash and garment dye fashion trends which mean that the interlinings used must be able to withstand high temperatures and very heavy duty washes and dying etc.


With state of the art finishing and coating ranges and partnership with some of the world’s leading coating specialists we are making sure that our customer is able to keep step with changing fashions.


Just in time delivery to customers : Keeping in mind the just in time inventory concept we help our customers by minimizing their own inventory carrying costs by carrying at all times a very large inventory of our entire range of Interlinings.

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Now our full range of Interlinings is Oeko-Tex certified

For Product Class 1 (i.e. safe for babywear)

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